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                    Sentiment -- the most beautiful driver "Wu Bin" sense of achievement

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                    In May 29th, a flying Henghuo took a young life. He is a long bus common driver, every day he treat their work conscientiously, and there's a dump of iron across the window, instantly making his liver rupture, but this time he was carrying passengers of a car traveling on the highway, the sudden pain can make a men immediately fainted in the past, but he still insisted on staying awake, complete the normal operation of a series of high-speed road safety and warned passengers should not walk around, should be timely alarm, then he fell down, he thought is the safety of the passengers, the passengers brimming with pain to minimize the risk, he performed the duties of life, he is the Zhejiang Hangzhou driver Wu Bin. He was known as the "best driver" title.

                    The story of Roderick woo, let countless people moved to tears, his lamps in the day, countless people from far away places rush to send him off, a city bid farewell to a person, a person moving is not only a city, he is a Chinese ordinary citizens, and his heroic deeds, but let each of us Chinese citizens thinking and learning.

                    Pay attention to the professionalization of modern society, requires professional management companies, individuals are required to have professional spirit that we are in the midst of in everywhere exquisite professional environment, how to pay attention to professional, and how to implement. The story of Roderick woo, give us a very good interpretation of the. What is duty, how to fulfill their duties, we in their posts should be how to work place, done, work encountered difficulties, not let me wash regardless, and threw it to others, but think about what we should how to adhere to solve the problem and to work to have the sense of responsibility, to have a strong sense of responsibility. To have perseverance, to learn to learn to take responsibility. From the story of Wu Bin, we should also learn is his love, love the hearts of others, he loves his work, he is always concerned about the safety of the passengers themselves. His practice of the deep lesson for us.

                    We are all ordinary a member of a society, and every day that we also are staying in their positions, every day we and others work, why always appears beside us some people say good employees, praise the leadership of employees. The gap between us is very small, but always in some details will slowly pull the distance. Every day we are very hard to work, to improve, improve themselves, we don't want to let others pick out our problems, said us where not good, perhaps is young compared impetuous, will always be some loopholes, dereliction of duty, but I believe that these problems to shake my confidence in the job. In ordinary life. Maybe we don't need to use life to fulfill their duties, do not need to endure as a huge pain to protect the people safe, as long as we have a strong sense of responsibility, the details of the well and know what to do, it should be how to do a good job, we lack than the ability to work, but a sense of responsibility, perseverance, stamina, unable to work from start to finish. By understanding the deeds of Wu Bin, I hope we can proceed from the actual action, the real implementation of their own work, behavior.

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